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FS1 Nursery

Welcome to Wessex nursery where our children start their exciting school life journey.

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Thomas 

Support Staff: Miss Adams, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Ould 

Phase Leader: Mrs Pope


Home Learning   

  • Library books can be chosen weekly, on a Wednesday, to be shared at home.
  • Home learning ideas are issued during the home visit when your child starts Nursery.
  • Home learning challenge suggestions are displayed on the parent’s notice board.


Timetable for the day

  • Start @ 9.05-9.15am – Finish @ 12.00pm.
  • 9.00-9.10am self-registration, 9.30am group time, 9.45-11.45 child led learning, 11.45-12.00pm group story time.
  • Lunch Club 12.00-1.00pm, booked in advance and paid via Scope (£4.00 per session).


Things needed for Nursery

  • Waterproof suit and Wellies- NAMED please.
  • Black book folder – NAMED please.
  • Clothes that allow easy access to toileting needs. Tracksuit bottoms or leggings are preferable to tighter skinny jeans. Please name all clothing.
  • Shoes that are safe to climb in. Velcro trainers are ideal but please avoid crocs, flip flops, open toed sandals etc.
  • Summer – sun hat and apply sun cream to your child as necessary.


Expectations for the end of FS1

  • To independently use the toilet and wash their hands.
  • To be able to put on and take off their coat independently and attempt to do it up.
  • To happily share toys and equipment with their peers.
  • To be confident to talk to adults and peers within the Nursery.
  • To be able to sit still and listen in small groups during group time and story time.


 Curriculum Information

  • See PowerPoint presentation further on down this page.


School Trips

  • We may be able to plan to provide at least one school trip per year, but will be asking for enough voluntary contributions for the trip to go ahead.


Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

  • See your child’s class teacher to begin with (they will know your child best/spend the most time with them).
  • Class teachers will liaise as necessary with any relevant people (Mrs Podolska – Inclusion Manager, the Phase Leader for the key stage and/or Deputy Heads to support.
  • Appointments must be made by contacting the school office who can also assist you as necessary.
  • The Head teacher Mr Woodbridge is also available to support you with any concerns you may have once you have spoken to your child’s class teacher and phase leader unless it is a safeguarding concern. An appointment can be made to see him via the school office.



Nursery Kirsty Wheatley



Nursery Curriculum Information September 2020

Term 2 learning

Learning Resources:


We loved bubbles in the garden! 11.03.2020

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Bubble fun! 11.03.2020

The children enjoyed Rhyme Time with Mrs Ould for World Book Day 5.3.20