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Music Curriculum


At Wessex, we aim to deliver a music curriculum that inspires all children and embeds a love and appreciation of music in all forms.


Our creative curriculum allows children to experience music across a range of genres, time and will allow children to experience music that is both familiar and unfamiliar to them.


To Teach music we use our Thematic approach linked to our whole school theme.


For example, Year 3 whilst studying the Victorians may experience music from The Music Hall and Gilbert and Sullivan.


To teach music skills and progression we use Charanga to support the music lessons in schools, this is provided across local schools by the Berkshire music hub.


We also have regular singing assemblies where children are taught a range of songs and how to sing them.


At Wessex you can have instrument lessons provided by Berkshire Maestros, there is a fee and further information can be given by the school office.

Music Skills progression at Wessex