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In line with our Wessex curriculum goals of being Inspiring, Innovative and Inclusive, in PSHE, our aim is for children to understand how to be respectful, honest, positive and proud members of our school community and the wider community. Wessex pupils should understand and embrace our British Values.



A weekly one-hour PSHE lesson across the school.


Termly Overview (Year 1 – Year 6)

Autumn 1: Being me in my world

Autumn 2: Celebrating differences

Spring 1: Dreams and Goals

Spring 2: Healthy Me

Summer 1: Relationships

Summer 2: Changing Me


What do Wessex Pupils have to say about PSHE in our classrooms?


Year 1

‘We have Jigsaw Jack and Jack is orange. When we have circle time we don’t talk when others talk and you listen to the person who is telling Jigsaw Jack something. 

We learnt about kind hands and we set goals. My goal was to do a gymnastics bridge. I did not give up and kept on trying!

This term we have been learning about being healthy. You have to go to bed early, wash your hands and should not eat too much fatty things.’


Year 2

‘Our Jigsaw is called Jo. We play fun games during circle time. Our teacher says a food and we switch seats if we like it, or we pass a smile or a magic box (without making a sound).

This term we have been talking about healthy foods and have been tasting some healthy foods too! We tasted peppers, cucumber, humous, oat cakes with cream cheese and popcorn. ‘


Year 3

‘I like circle time because everyone gets a turn.’ 

‘I like that you get to share your thoughts.’

‘In Healthy Me we have set ourselves a fitness challenge, learnt not to eat too much sugar and about having a balanced diet. We have also learnt about when and how to call the Emergency services and talked about different scenarios.’


Year 4

‘Our Jigsaw time is fun. We sometimes play games at the start and we learnt about cyber and verbal bullying. We also had to set ourselves 3 goals and they could be inside or outside of school.’


Year 5

‘I like Jigsaw and our circles times as it teaches you lots of stuff and how to make the right choices. We have learnt about smoking and alcohol and how you'd reply when someone is sad. It teaches us things that will help us make good choices.’


Year 6

‘I like Jigsaw because I like the circle time. We normally start with playing a game and have learnt a lot. We have learnt about types of gangs, drugs and how to set realistic goals for in and out of school.’

Do you think this prepares you for secondary school and about the things you might be exposed to there?

‘Yes it does!’



A Teacher’s comment:

‘I have really noticed how the children have developed their listening skills, their understanding of how people are different and how it impacts on relationships.’