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At Wessex we are proud to offer every child access to an enriched curriculum, using every opportunity to bring learning to life within a thematic approach to learning.


Our curriculum is driven by a creative thematic approach which is inspiring, innovative and inclusive ensuring children are ready for the life in the 21st century academically, emotionally and socially.


We encourage children to be inquisitive – asking and answering questions at every opportunity – whilst ensuring a firm foundation in the basic skills they will need both now and in the future.

We teach our children about the process of learning, and frequently remind them of what it takes to be a good learner.  The links below provide an overview of what the children learn throughout the year and are linked to the National Curriculum.


We share this information with families every term to ensure that parents understand what their children are learning and have a good range of suggestions about how this learning can be supported at home.  It is a curriculum rooted within the principles of excellence and enjoyment, so please take a look at the Year group links at the side … Please see our curriculum letter to parents and why not visit for yourself to see the fantastic work we are doing!


Our shared vision for our curriculum is:


We inspire the children to have a love of learning and have an open mindset when facing new or difficult challenges


Our curriculum embraces technology it is challenging and creative and relevant to the community and world we live in. Children are investigative and curious about their learning and have fun in developing skills for later life and are active and health conscious.


Our curriculum is inclusive, built to support multiple intelligences and is child informed. It empowers and motivates all children to challenge their current ways of thinking and reach their full potential.


Further information about how we teach phonics and early reading can be found in our phonics policy in the policy section on this website.

Religious Education

Physical Education

Curriculum information for parents

Our whole school theme for the Spring Term is Ice Worlds and looks to examine the polar regions of the planet. Please see below for information on some of the curriculum coverage each phase will be exploring this term