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Late/Absence Procedures

Reporting your Child Absent


If your child is off sick or will be absent from school, we need to be informed by 9.30am at the latest. To use the pupil absence line please call the school and press option 1 to leave your child’s name, class and a brief message explaining why they are absent from school. If we do not hear from you, your child will be marked as having unauthorised absence.



We expect every child to be attending school unless they are medically unfit or have an extenuating circumstance. 

Excellent attendance at school is important to allow a child or young person to fulfil their potential. It also allows them to forge strong connections with their peers and adults at school. 


Holidays, days out and events


English Law expects all children over the age of 5 years to be in school unless medically unfit. There are no allowances for days out, birthdays, holidays or long weekends. Please avoid all holidays in term time. These absences are marked as unauthorised unless deemed 'exceptional' by a Headteacher.  Exceptional circumstances may include a day for a significant religious event (including funeral or wedding). Please be mindful of the length of time requested for an absence e.g. an exceptional circumstance may be authorised for a day but not a week – any travel time may remain unauthorised.


Any unauthorised leave of absence may be referred to the Education Welfare Service which could result in prosecution proceedings or a Fixed Penalty Notice. If a Fixed Penalty Notice is issued, a separate Notice may be issued to each parent for each child. We expect the LA to issue Penalty Notices under their commitment to tackle unauthorised absences.


For any request for time out of school, a term time absence form must be completed well in advance of the date and handed in to the school office. 


Every single day a child is absent from school equates to a day of lost learning.

Percentage attendance over an academic year

Number of learning days that are lost within an academic year


100% attendance

0 days of learning missed



95% Attendance

9 days of absence (1 week and 4 days) of learning missed


90% Attendance

19 days of absence (3 weeks and 4 days) of learning missed


85% Attendance

28 days of absence (5 weeks and 3 days) of learning missed

Very Poor

80% Attendance

38 days of absence (7 weeks and 3 days) of learning missed


75% Attendance

46 days of absence (9 weeks and 1 days) of learning missed




Please see our attendance policy for more information relating to attendance.   

Term Time Absence Form