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Literacy Tree Scheme 

At Wessex we follow the Literacy Tree scheme of work for writing. The scheme has a text-based approach, that provides the children with diverse writing choices that every child can identify with. The books are selected based on themes that link with the national curriculum and are regularly updated with high-quality texts. In addition,  the scheme embeds grammar through each unit and grammar and key concepts are 'snowballed' (regularly revisited) to ensure each skill becomes embedded. Furthermore, the scheme provides the children with an array of real-life audiences and purposes and really inspires a love of writing alongside reading. 


Each unit covers a range of genres of text, which exposes the children to many current as well as historical ways of communicating written ideas. The scheme also ensures oracy is practised through role play, drama  and performance poetry. 

Literacy Curriculum Maps 

Literacy Tree Whole School Curriculum Map