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KS1 Year 2

Class Teachers:

Cherry - Mrs Allies (Monday) & Mrs Savage (Tuesday to Friday)

Chestnut - Miss Henderson


Support Staff:

Spring Term 2022-2023 Curriculum Map

Meet The Teachers

Dhaaga Sewing Club - Open to Children in Year 2 - Spring Term 2023

Information to Parents - KS1 Timetable Changes - Spring Term 2023

KS1 Christmas Production - 12th and 14th December 2022

Year 2 (Cherry and Chestnut) Autumn 2022 Home Learning RWI

Y2 Victorian Homes Workshop

A Basketful of Memories

Parent Class Reps

Y2 Chestnut TBC
Y2 Chestnut TBC
Y2 Cherry TBC
Y2 Cherry TBC