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KS2 Year 4

Class Teachers:
arch: Mrs Piggott  & Mrs Maskell (Weds)  

HLTA: Mrs Vee

Support staff: Mrs Robertson (AM)

ELSA Specialist TA: Mrs Richards

Hearing Resources Support: Mrs Robertson (PM)

Year 4 Summer Term Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Year 4 Music Hall Fabulous Finish

Y4 Swimming Lessons - Summer Term

Y4 - The Artful Dodgers London - Spring Term Topic - January 2022

Year 3 & 4 : Fabulous Finish - Thursday 2nd December, 2021

Y4 and Y3 Trip to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard - Tuesday 9th November 2021

Autumn Term 2021-2022 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Trip to Waltham Place - 7th and 8th July 2021

Year 4 PE

We will expect children dressed in PE kit on their PE days, please ensure that as the weather gets colder that tracksuits are worn.

Your PE days are:

Larch - Monday (Outdoor learning) Wednesday Thursday

Lime - Tuesday (Outdoor learning)  Wednesday  Friday

Japan: Summer term curriculum map

The Romans: Curriculum Map Vocabulary Spring Term


If your child is absent from school but well enough to do some work, you can visit the Oak Academy and the BBC Bitesize websites where you will find a variety of great lessons. Click on the link below which will take you to the Year 4 lessons.

Curriculum Map Autumn Term

Y4 Vocabulary for the Stone Age Topic - Autumn Term 2020

The Stone Age Key Vocabulary Autumn Term

Exciting news!

We have discovered a den in our woods! We found lots of recycled materials which have been used to create some sort of home. We have lots of questions! Who lives here? Why do they live in the woods? What materials have been used to make the den? 

We will leave letters for whoever lives here to read and hopefully we will get some answers.  

Performance poems! We are learning how to perform poems using intonation, posture, volume and hands. Please have a go at home!

Hello Year 4

We hope you have had a good summer!

Welcome to your new year group, we are looking forward to seeing you all.

We have lots of exciting things planned for you and can't wait to get started! 

Keep an eye on this web page for information which we will share with you!!

Your Year 4 Team xxx

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