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From April 2022 we will be using the Read Write inc. Approach to teaching phonics.



At Wessex Primary School we are proud to offer the pupils a text rich learning environment where imagination and creativity can be fuelled. Through our rigorous phonics curriculum, we ensure pupils develop the skills and knowledge they need to develop as confident readers who have a love of books. 

 To achieve this, we ensure that:

• there is a sharp focus on ensuring that younger children gain the phonics knowledge  necessary to read and spell

• reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer

• a rigorous, sequential and interactive approach to the reading curriculum develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading

• at all stages, reading attainment is assessed and gaps are addressed quickly and effectively for all pupils

• at the early stages of learning to read, reading materials are closely matched to the learners’ phonics knowledge



Throughout the early years of Wessex Primary School, we adopt a quality first synthetics phonics programme. This provides a comprehensive system with which we teach reading, spelling and writing.. We use Letters and Sounds for the order of teaching and progression. To deliver this the RWI lesson structure, phrases, books and resources are used.

Phonics is delivered through whole class teaching to ensure all children are exposed to the curriculum. Pacey, differentiated lessons are taught daily. They are enhanced with a variety of resources including ditties, paper and online games, websites such as Phonics Play and Teach your Monster to Read, rhymes and songs.


Children are regularly assessed to ensure they are making the expected progress with phonics. This assessment involves children reading Individual phonemes (sounds) as well as blending sounds to read words. This is carried out individually. Children who have not yet acquired the expected phonics will be given additional teaching in small support groups.

Phonics reading at home

To reinforce the phonics learning at school children are encouraged to practice their reading skills by reading regularly with an adult at home. We know that if children practice reading decodable books at the right level (90% fluency) they experience reading success from the outset. We have recently purchased a fully decodable reading scheme called Collins Big Cat for Letters and Sounds which follows the groups of phonemes being taught to the children. This scheme complements our other fully decodable phonics schemes including ORT Songbirds and Floppy’s Phonics.


For further information about phonics please refer to the School Policies or the Class Pages