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Houses and House Points

Every child and adult from Reception to Y6 is a member of a school house. We have four houses at Wessex :


  • York – Red
  • Lancaster – Blue
  • Stuart – Yellow
  • Windsor – Green



Our houses are also very important during a variety of events which take place through the year. Our PE kit consists of a coloured t-shirt which identifies which house each child belongs to.

We are encouraging competitiveness in a supportive and friendly environment as this is very important.

The biggest highlight of the year though comes during the Summer when we all enjoy taking part in Sports Day. Every child takes part, as do some teachers and parents!

Points are again collected for each house and the event closes with an award ceremony during which the most successful house is named.

At the beginning of each year, the houses gather together and hold an election to elect a House Captain and Vice Captain from our Year 6 children.



Children across the school can earn house points for excellent work, good behaviour, looking smart, helping someone, being kind… just about anything positive.


At the end of each week, the total number of house points is added up and the House with the highest total is awarded the house trophy in assembly. At the end of each term, the House who have amassed the greatest number of house points win a day when they can come to school in their own clothes.