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My 60 Things

… to do before I leave Wessex Primary School


This is a fun challenge for all the children from Y1 to Y5 (Y6 2021-22).  The reason behind this is based on research that the National Trust carried out in 2012 entitled “Natural Childhood” which highlighted how today’s children are losing touch with the natural world and the long term effect this can have on a child’s education and health.  It found that fewer than 1 in 10 children play regularly in wild places and that time spent playing in parks, woods and fields had reduced dramatically due to digital technology, lack of time and green spaces and also parental fears.  Then in February 2016, a two-year study funded by the government found 1 in 9 children in England have not set foot in a park, forest, beach or any other natural environment for at least 12 months.


Our teachers have spent a long time discussing what the 60 Things to do should be.  We have tried to include a range of activities that include outdoor experiences, arts and crafts, life skills, social activities, cultural experiences and many more.


At school we will be encouraging the children to complete the first 20 things whilst they are in Y1 and Y2.  The next 20 in Y3 and Y4 and finally the last 20 whilst in Y5 and Y6.


Your child will be given their own booklet of 60 Things to do and a special book to record all their different experiences which they will keep as a log of their journey through Wessex.  Previously this was kept at school but from now on it will be kept at home.


Periodically we will ask the children to bring in their booklets and books to share with their teachers and peers. Children will be given plenty of notice and typically it is every term, after a half term holiday. They will need to have provided evidence in their books of what they have completed. This could be in the form of photos, leaflets, art work and written work such as labels and captions, diary entries or recounts of the activities.


We will be asking the children to bring in board games to play for an afternoon session whilst the teacher spends time with each child finding out what they have been up to at home.  During COVID restrictions there may be changes to how the afternoons are run.


Occasionally children will be set a Half Term challenge. In the past this has been making a den, making a cake and making a mini garden. The participation has been phenomenal and some featured in The Maidenhead Advertiser!