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The first school on the site of the current Wessex Primary School was Cox Green Primary School. This was built and opened in 1961. It catered for children between the ages of 5 and 11. Wessex Way shops, just opposite the entrance to St Adrians Close where the school is located, was opened 2 years later.


The local population increased and in 1968 the school became a junior school and Cox Green Infants school opened next door.


Yet more houses were built starting in 1976 (Bissley Drive and Lowbrook Drive) that by 1978 another school was needed. In September of that year Lowbrook Primary School opened. To avoid confusion, Cox Green Infants School and Cox Green Junior School changed Cox Green in their names to Wessex.


In September 2006 the two schools on the same site Wessex Infant School and Wessex Junior School merged to form Wessex Primary School.


With thanks to Cox Green Local History Group

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Group work around the old desks (complete with ink wells and James Endsor) 1987



The Headteacher taking a dunk in the swimming pool (now filled in)… we think it's Mr Williams in the 60’s / 70’s



BBC Micro (80’s technology) with Graham Smith and Mrs Mitchell… a small step up from the abacus!